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Why didn't I get my Xtra 500 Signup Bonus?

If you had signed up while in Pre Launch and did not confirm your account thru the email sent to you and/or  you did not surf the required number of sites to fully activate your account, the Xtra Bonus credits were not added to you account.

Sorry but now that special is over and the Xtra credit offer is no longer valid!

Site testing and what we do not accept!

    Your page will display... check for pop-up/pop-under and slide-in windows

    • Make sure there are no pop-ups, pop-unders, slide-ins or Rotators
    • Make sure there are no downloads, dialog boxes
    • No redirected sites or Rotators, (Only aWTesoft Rotators ) they could be used to cause problems on the site!
    • No url shorteners
    • No redirects!
    • Make sure there are no Auto Playing Videos or Music
    • Verify that there is no Nudity, obscenity, profanity, hate, hacking, Warez or other inappropriate content
    • Dating Sites are Allowed, as long as DO NOT break the above Rules!
    • No banner farms! (Sites with more than 8 Banners showing on a single page)
    • NO Auto playing Videos or Music on AutoSurf!!
    • Video and Music Sites Only allowed on Manual Surf!
    • If a site fails our site scan with a history of breaking frames, downloads, popups etc, or has hidden scripts then it will NOT be approved!


    A 'done' page will display

    • Check to make sure that no 'exit pages' display
    • This validates that there is no 'frame breaker' on the page

If the frame doesn't appear below, or if pop-up, pop-under or slide-in windows appear at any time during this test, please do NOT save your site record.  Correct your site, or change your entry and please re-test before saving a new site.

Remember that chronic site-policy violators are subject to having their account terminated.

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